SweetHearts won't be on shelves for the first time in 153 years.

Whether it's a Christmas dinner, a St. Patrick's Day drink, or a Valentine's Day candy heart with a message on it, there are just some traditions that pair with holidays. But one of these traditions are going away... for now.

Regardless of how a person actually feels about the taste of these candies, as a traditionalist, it feels wrong that 2019 will be a year without the candy hearts available for Valentine's Day.

After Necco was bought out by the candy company Round Hill Investments, SweetHearts were sold to the Spangler Candy Company. Typically, it took Necco 11 months to make 8 Billion candy hearts for Valentine's Day. There just isn't enough time for the Spangler Candy Company to produce America' Number 1 Candy in time for Valentine's Day.

SweetHearts first made the conversation heart candy in 1866 and turned over the brand to Necco in 1901.

Spangler Candy Company has assured that the SweetHearts will be back with a surge in 2020.

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