There's a brand new hunting and fishing license available to Iowa residents. This new license will cost $5 and will also come with a $2 processing fee. Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it? According to Iowa DNR, Iowans can normally expect to pay about $55 if they want to apply for an Outdoor Combo - Hunting, Fishing, Habitat license. How does someone get this $5 annual hunting and fishing license?

Unsplash - Brady Rogers
Unsplash - Brady Rogers

These $5 hunting and fishing licenses are for a special group of people. They are only available for our military veterans. Iowa DNR has announced the new Veterans Hunting and Fishing licenses are officially available. These new licenses are for Iowans who have served in the armed forces of the United States on federal active duty.

For veterans who would like to purchase these new licenses, it's a pretty easy process that you are only required to do once. According to Iowa DNR, veterans will need to submit a one-time application for the Iowa Hunting/Fishing License for Resident Armed Forces Veteran along with a copy of their DD214.

If you are a military veteran and would like to apply, visit Iowa DNR and click Veteran Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License Application, which is the second link. Once your application is approved, your account will be updated with your new current status.

After your status is updated, veterans may then purchase the new license anywhere Iowa hunting and fishing licenses are sold. If you are a veteran and you've already purchased your hunting and fishing license for 2023, you may still submit an application for the Veteran hunting and fishing license. Once your current license expires, you may then purchase your new Veteran license.

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