It's 2019. You've seen in a lot already this year: When it comes to business ya keep up, or you go under. Look at Shopko and Payless. Well one department store is looking to buck this trend: Kohl's. They may just have found the secret to staying afloat...

Kohl's stores across the country will be accepting Amazon purchase returns by July this year. Those pants that didn't fit quite right, those shoes that were not the right size cuz you're a 10 and half, that throw pillow that just didn't match like you had hoped, take it all to Kohl's and return it!

How many times have you purchased an item online, didn't like it, but didn't want to go through the hassle of mailing it back? I know I have been there. Now returns can be done in person thanks to this unique partnership between Amazon and Kohl's.

Via the USA Today:

The free returns service is expected to offer convenience to Amazon shoppers who already can order items online and have them arrive in a day or two, while at the same time, giving them a reason to come in the store.

Kohl's said it will accept items regardless of the reason for the return, and whether the items are or are not packaged for shipping. We don't have an official start day for this new service, but the companies are saying it will be sometime in July.


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