In a small southern California town called Idyllwild, they do things a little differently when it comes to their "government." Their mayor is a golden retriever named Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II or Max for short and this pup has been the mayor since 2014!

Idyllwild has been electing dogs for the job of mayor since 2012 and the nonprofit, Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends, sponsored the first ever mayoral election allowing residents to nominate their pets. In 2012, their first canine mayor was elected and it was Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller. Mueller passed away in 2014 and that is when Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II took over the role!

Mayor Max's duties include making appearances at city events such as the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the Independence Day parade and street festival, local hospitals, schools, nursing homes and even making house calls to residents in need.

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