Iowa seems to have way too many high-speed chases. Every time I hear about one or see it happening on the news I feel like I'm being dropped right in the middle of a Fast & the Furious film. Unfortunately, there's no Vin Diesel in this tale...just a stupid Midwesterner...

Who's to say which is more entertaining though?

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According to reports, the officer flashed his lights and even tried to pull up beside the truck. The officer thought that the driver might not have seen his lights flashing.

Then the race was on...

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Getty Images

The officer first saw the truck along mile marker 74 along interstate 80, and the chase continued all the way along I-80 onto the Marne Exit. Officials say they tried to use "stop sticks" to deflate his tires so he would stop the vehicle. After being chased along several gravel roads, it wasn't until two of his tires actually deflated that he was stopped.

He ended up all the way in Pottawattamie County which means he was evading officers for almost ten miles.

Samstad has four warrants out for him in four states.

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