The old saying, "Dog is man's best friend," can be proven right based off an 11-year-old's popular Twitter account, "I've Pet That Dog."

Cedar Falls own Gideon Kidd is the mastermind behind this popular twitter account all about Gideon's encounters with dogs in Iowa. According to the Des Moines Register, Kidd has pet over 1,100 dogs. That's impressive! Besides petting a dog though, what does he actually do?

Well, Kidd visits local humane societies to see what dogs are there, learn about them, pet them and once he takes a picture with the dog he posts it on his Twitter page to share the pups stories and their caregivers stories. It doesn't stop at just the humane society though...since Kidd was 8 years old, he would go around Cedar Falls and more Iowa towns and look for dogs. When he saw one, he would ask the owners if he could pet the dog, would ask about the dog's history and then ask for a picture. From there he would give the owners a "business card" of sorts with his Instagram and Twitter handle so they could see the little biography he would write of their pup later in the day.

An entrepreneur in the making at age 8.

Unfortunately Kidd lost his own beloved dog about 5 months ago. But now, they have added to the family with the hound and beagle mix, Cookie! Cookie is a stray that was originally from Oklahoma but then ended up at Cedar Bend Humane Society which is where Kidd picked him up from on New Year's Eve.

To see more cute pups and learn about their stories, check out Kidd's Twitter account!

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