Remember as a kid standing in front of a self-serve pop fountain, looking up at it and thinking, 'ohhhh meeeeh gawd, I can get ANYTHING!' And then, you just got the uncarbonated 'orange' drink, technically called Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, cuz that was the BEST option? I sure do. Then you also remember McDonald's, mercilessly whacked the popular sugary not-actually-fruit-based beverage option four years ago. Why? WHY?! Someone, anyone?! Who knows. As if 2020 wasn't bad enough, we didn't have orange drink to drown our sorrows.

Well, good news. 2021 won't just be the year we kick COVID-19 to the curb with vaccines, it will be the year McDee's brings back the popular orange drink! That's right my thirsty friend, it's baaaaaaaaack!

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McDonald's broke the news on its Twitter saying by June, all restaurants including the ones here in the Cedar Valley and all of Northeast Iowa, will have the drink once again available. What it will be replacing is not yet known, and could vary by location. But who cares? Get rid of the blue Power Ade. I don't order a Number Two meal with plans to hit the gym right after. Just gimme back my flat, non-orange juice tasting orange drink, dang it!

If you want my opinion, while Hi-C Orange is terrific on its own, mix in a little Sprite with your Hi-C Orange to give it some carbonation and that little extra kick of flavor. If your fav. McDonald's has the plain soda water option, you can add that too and that way you won't alter that pure Hi-C Orange flavor.

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