Maren Morris has released a deluxe edition of her debut album, Hero, which includes three previously unreleased songs. Readers can, above and below, hear those three new tracks: "Company You Keep," "Space" and "Bummin' Cigarettes."

Each of Morris' newly released songs displays a different side of the multi-faceted singer, who has already been crowned the 2017 ACM Awards New Female Vocalist of the Year. "Company You Keep" lightheartedly praises the merits of good friends, good times and un-fancy living; "Space" finds Morris seeking solace from heartbreak with as much distance as possible; and "Bummin' Cigarettes" sees her coming to terms with wrong turns down "a road that's a little too traveled." All together, the three tracks add new shape to the musical and lyrical arc of Morris' debut disc, proving that the Grammys winner has plenty more to share.

Hear Maren Morris' "Space"

Morris' deluxe reissue of Hero is available now via iTunes and on Spotify. Morris released the disc in June of 2016; it's since been certified gold and was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2016 CMA Awards, and Best Country Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The album's newest single is "I Could Use a Love Song," following "My Church" and "'80s Mercedes."

In addition to her ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year win, Morris is nominated for five other awards at the 2017 ACM Awards, which will take place on April 2. Her other nods include Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year as both artist and producer and Single Record of the Year, for "My Church," as both artist and producer.

Morris currently headlining her own Hero Tour. She will serve as an opening act on Sam Hunt‘s 15 in a 30 Tour this summer.

Listen to Maren Morris' "Bummin' Cigarettes":

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