We all have a strong love for this artist, but there are some things you should not say in Iowa.

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The first chilly fall Friday of the year didn't stop fans from swarming Boone for the Iowa leg of the Farm Tour. It was the lucky 13th year for Luke Bryan's Farm Tour and it did not disappoint.

Jameson Rodgers and Riley Green opened up the second to last stop on the tour.

Both artists even got to share the stage with Luke Bryan during the 'American Idol' judge's set. One of the best moments of the show (at least in my very professional and unbiased opinion) was when Rodgers and Bryan performed 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.'

Rodgers actually wrote this song for Bryan's most recent album.

Watch the moment down below!

Luke Bryan knows how to put on a fantastic show! He started off the night with hits like 'Kick the Dust Up,' 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,' and 'Knockin' Boots.' Just about halfway through the show he got into a bit of a rough patch with the audience.

Right after he performed another one of his hit songs 'Huntin', Fishin', Lovin' Everyday' Bryan started talking about something Iowans take very seriously...college football. Specifically the Iowa State Cyclones.

A few fans started to chant I-S-U in between songs.

'Y'all know I'm a Georgia Bulldogs fan and we're gonna whip all y'alls asses this year..." the country singer said as the crowd turned on him and booed.

"You know what? That's the first time I ever felt like Blake Shelton," Bryan replied good-naturedly. "Just do not put that on YouTube!"

You can watch the full interaction down below!

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