Everyone at K98.5 would just like to say you're welcome. Because if you're listening at work, we might be making you BETTER at your job. A recent survey found most people are allowed to listen to music at work now.  And almost everyone agrees it makes them more PRODUCTIVE.

82% said they're allowed to listen at work, including 44% who can even do it without headphones.

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71% said it helps them get more done, 22% said it has no impact while 7% said they get less done when there's music on.

People were also asked to name the top genres that make them feel the most productive.

The top five answers were COUNTRY,  pop, rock, alternative, and classical.

Heavy metal ranked last, followed by blues, jazz, and hip-hop.

Since you keep K98.5 on at work, maaaybe it's time to ask for a raise?