Lainey Wilson is having a MOMENT right now.

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The singer is riding high off of a series of MAJOR career milestones this week. News broke over the weekend, that the Louisiana native will be making her acting debut in the hit show 'Yellowstone'.

The country singer broke the news to the world the Friday before the Iowa leg of the international music festival Country Thunder. In an exclusive interview, the singer talked all about the new project and what fans should expect.

Three of her songs have been featured on the hit television program. Wilson and 'Yellowstone' writer and producer Taylor Sheridan have grown close over the course of the past four years.

The two really became friends after a horse riding competition in Las Vegas.

"He's been good to me," the singer turned actress said. "He called me back in February and was like 'watcha say I create a role specifically for you?' and I said 'are you sure you want to do that?" the American Country Music Award winner laughed.

Her character is a musician named Abby, and Lainey confirms that this character is not too far off from who she is as a person. She will be playing some of her own music in the show, and donning the iconic bell-bottoms that she is known for.

"I love stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing things that are a little scary," Wilson explained. "I guess when you get on stage and play a show anyway, you're doing a little bit of acting."

The singer did confirm that she recently wrapped up filming the first episode for the season, and will be returning to Montana to shoot more in between shows.

"I've been actin' a fool my whole life, might as well get paid for it!"

The fifth season of 'Yellowstone' will premiere on November 13th on Paramount Network. This will be Lainey's acting debut.

After talking about her future on television, we talked about a major childhood crush she had on someone who also just so happened to be on another hit tv show.

Without hesitating, Lainey Wilson said that her very first celeb crush was Ashton Kutcher, specifically from the era of 'That 70's Show'.

"He's still my celebrity crush. I think it's his personality. I mean of course he's handsome and everything, but to me if you can make me laugh, you cute."

While we don't want to see Ashton and his wife Mila Kunis breakup, we would all love to see Lainey share the screen with the Cedar Rapids native.

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