K98.5's student of the week goes to Stacey C. an 11th grader from West High School!

Tiffany Kay
Tiffany Kay

There is so much that Stacey has already done proving how great of a student and human she is but we can't summarize quite like her sister did when she nominated her!

Stacey moved from Hampton to Waterloo the summer of 2018 she wanted to experience and prepare herself for her future in a bigger city. She was enrolled to Waterloo West High School in the fall of 2018. I thought she was going to struggle since she was going from a class of 80 to 400 but but shes has proven she can handle it. Since she started school she has made tons of friends and join and play varsity sports such as Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. Stacey also has great grades plays varsity sports, helps at her church and hold a part time job. As a 17 years old she had her own savings and checking accounts her own car and pays for her own stuff during this school year she has grown to be quite the young lady I'm proud she's my sister. Stacey is always looking for away to help others around her she has the biggest heart. I think Stacey deserves this award because she is a hardworking, caring, kind, and not afraid to help others in need.

Wow, what an amazing review! Stacey, you might owe her a huge "Thank You"!

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