In 2011, Justin Moore released "Bait a Hook" as the second single from his Outlaws Like Me album. Written by the star with Rhett Akins and Jeremy Stover, the song became a Top 20 hit, Moore's fifth of his career, and a gold-certified single.

Back then, Moore told The Boot that the song was one of his favorites on Outlaws Like Me. Below, he shares the story behind "Bait a Hook," in his own words.

It's one of those reaction records, where, immediately, people know the words. It's fun.

Everyone hates their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend ... That's what it's about. If a guy leaves you for another girl, you're immediately going to be on Facebook or MySpace and go, "She's fat and ugly." She could be Cindy Crawford, and [you] say horrific things about this person knowing none of them may be true.

Guys are the same way. I don't know that we Facebook stalk like you females do, but ... That's sort of where the idea for this song came from. It's fun to do.

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