This is the anniversary of one of the most crazy nights in baseball.

Monday celebrates the 44th year removed from the infamous "10 Cent Beer Night" at a game between the Cleveland Indians and the Texas Rangers.

This is how it all went down. There was a game in May between these 2 teams in Texas that had a bench clearing brawl and Texas fans throwing beer and food at the Indians players. The media asked Rangers Manager Billy Martin if he was nervous about the next time his team would have to travel to Cleveland. He said, "they don't have enough fans there to worry about." So that's why Municipal Stadium offered 10 cent beer night.

Notable Stats

  • Tickets were 50 cents. ($1 gets you a ticket to the game and five 12oz beers)
  • Legal drinking age in 1974 was 18.
  • People running on the field by the 5th inning
  • Cherry bombs started to get thrown in the Rangers dugout
  • Rangers players grab bats to defend themselves against the angry drunk mob
  • All 3 bases were stolen by the crowd on the field
  • 9 arrests
  • Multiple injuries

To see a recap for the 40th Anniversary of 10 cent Beer Night, see the clip below.

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