Did Walker Hayes just parody himself? The country singer has taken his smash hit "Fancy Like" and re-imagined it as a Christmas song.

Don't worry, there's still an Applebee's mention.

Sticking to his fun, light-hearted style, Hayes sings about all of these things he holiday season brings, including the not-so-glamorous parts. He shouts out matching pajama sets and watching Home Alone, along with eggnog and fruit cakes.

And don't forget the trips to the mall to visit Santa Claus!

Yeah, we fancy like Christmas round a fake tree / Nutcracker on the mantle / And a candy cane candle / Getcha eggnog, witcha fruit cake / Go Jesus, it's your birthday / Bougie like blowups in the front yard / Hopin' Santa gonna leave an Applebees's gift card / In my stocking even though we getting naughty all night / That's how we do, how we do, fancy like Christmas

Sonically, the song is almost identical to "Fancy Like," but he's added in plenty of jingle bells to deck its halls.

The festive track is the first new music Hayes has released since he dropped his New Money EP in September. "Fancy Like Christmas" is sure to be a hit at his upcoming shows — the "Y'all Life" singer has a handful of live dates scheduled in the coming weeks.

And while so many artists have announced new projects and tours for 2024, Hayes has yet to reveal what his plans are. So far, he has one show on the calendar, scheduled for July.

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