Kelsea Ballerini is currently having the time of her life opening for Kenny Chesney's 2023 I Go Back Tour, but not every show can go perfectly smoothly. During a stop in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pa. on Saturday night (Apr. 8), the singer made it to the stage against all odds after suffering food poisoning.

As she geared up to play, Ballerini warned the crowd that she wasn't quite in top form. "I was hungry, and I had some Trader Joe's chicken dumplings," she explained in fan-filmed video from the show. "And they were...there was something wrong.

"And I need to know that I have had an intimate relationship, today, with the bathroom," she continued. "I have a trash can waiting for me backstage. Things have been very touch and go."

Ballerini left the specifics to the imagination, though in the background of the clip, you can hear some fans cracking jokes about what Ballerini's exact symptoms might be. Still the overall vibe from the audience was supportive, especially once Ballerini repurposed one of her song lyrics to describe her predicament.

"I promise I'm gonna give you everything I have, but I might need a little bit of help," she continued. "This is normally where I say, like, 'To my girls, should you ever need help hypothetically burying a body, I can help you.' Tonight, I'm gonna ask, 'If I go down, will you go down with me?'"

After the show, Ballerini shared the fan-captured footage on her Instagram stories, adding, "Today was...a day."

Despite the digestive issues, Ballerini made it through her set with flying colors. She'll presumably be recovered by the next stop on the I Go Back Tour, which is set for Apr. 12 in Birmingham, Ala.

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