Some people believe that your mood changes right along with the weather. So in the winter all of us are depressed and constantly tire and have no motivation, when it rains we are all kind of grumpy and lazy and when it is sunny and nice we all have a lot more energy to get things done and have a lot more fun. However, is this true?

Well, for those of us whom have had a crappy, snowy winter... IT BETTER BE! Although, this has not been scientifically proven, there is a new survey that was recently done where it asked over 4,000 people if nice weather puts you in a better mood....

Results? 87% of people said, YES, it helps to put them in a better mood. Broken down, it shows that 46% says it improves their mood a great deal, 41% says it helps with "somewhat," 8% said it doesn't really make a difference, 2% said not at all and 3% were not sure.

Well, all I can say is thank god for the nice weather! Even if it is a mind over matter thing, one thing we have up on all those nay-sayers is that apparently we are just more positive people and plan to have a lot more fun in the spring!

Happy Spring!

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