Many areas in eastern Iowa saw a fair amount of snow yesterday (02-16-23) with some locations getting up to 11.5 inches. Hopefully, you haven't put your snow plows and shovels away just yet. According to CBS2 Iowa, University Heights received the most snow at 11.5 inches, Elmira and parts of Iowa City saw 10.5 inches, and Lowden saw 9.5.

When Iowans see that much snow, we sometimes have to get creative about how we go about our day and get everything done that we need to. Working from home has got extremely popular since the pandemic, students might use virtual learning, you might work half of your day in the office and head home to finish up before the roads get bad, or you might bust out the cross-country skis. This is something that you'll only see in the midwest.

A video was posted on BarstoolUIowa of what I believe might be the most dedicated student of all time. If this isn't a student and it's an employee, this is the most dedicated employee of all time and they need a raise. If the only way I could get to class was to cross-country ski, I'm emailing the professor and letting them know I'll be absent for the day.

Whoever this is could run for president and I'd probably vote for them. Check out that form! I wonder how far this person had to go. If this is a student, is it fair to assume they have fantastic grades? That or they have terrible grades and really need to turn in an essay that's due.

When you were in college would you consider doing this? When it snowed that much when I was in school, I spent the day playing Mario Cart with my buddies and accomplishing absolutely zero. I'm pretty sure this is how my parents told me they got to school every day. Either way, I respect the hustle. This is the definition of "Iowans are built different."

After watching this, I can't help but feel a little bit guilty for leaving the office early and finishing up my work from home yesterday. I might start watching this video every morning before work to remind myself that nothing can stop me and that I'm going to kick the day's butt.

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