When you decide you want to start having a family, it can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and stressful. After having a child, every decision you make can and does have an impact on that child's life. I know this is not the case for everyone and unplanned pregnancies happen every day but a lot of people hope to have time to decide if they're ready.

Before having a kid, you should ask yourself some very serious questions and you should also be completely honest with the answers. Are your finances in good shape? Is your relationship with your partner healthy? Are you ready to give up "me" time? Are you ready to take on more chores? Will you need to move?

In a perfect world, all of these questions are things you should answer before starting a family. The good news for Iowans is, if they want to start a family, they might not have to worry so much about the moving part.

Unsplash - Omar Lopez
Unsplash - Omar Lopez

Sometimes starting a family requires you to relocate. Whether you're moving to a new state for a better job, better schools, or to be closer to other family members, moving is sometimes the best choice you can make for your family.

Did you know Iowa is rated as one of the best states in America to raise a family? Wallet Hub compared all 50 states and used various indicators of family-friendliness. The indicators range from median annual family income, housing affordability, and unemployment rate, to name a few. The study found that Iowa is the 9th best state in America to raise a family.

Source: WalletHub

Iowa received scores in the top 10 for Education & Child care, Affordability, and Socioeconomics. Iowa could've possibly been rated even higher however, Iowa scored as the 31st best state for Family Fun, which impacted its overall score. Still, the top 10 is pretty dang good and something Iowans should be proud of! Massachusetts and Minnesota finished 1st and 2nd best respectively. Mississippi and New Mexico finished as the bottom two worst states to raise a family.

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