Have ever needed relationship advice? Sure you have. Everyone has needed a helping hand when it comes to their love life. Whether you've been single for a long time and need some help on how to advance on a potential relationship, have been dating someone for a few years, or have been married for 20+ years, everyone can feel confused and have questions about relationships. Who better to get some help from than Dr. Kutcher? His joke, not mine. You'll find out in the video. He spells it with an e-r.

Even though much of eastern Iowa is getting ready to see a ton of wet and heavy snow in the upcoming days, the official first day of spring is on the way. Maybe this is the spring that you find the love of your life or maybe you just want to have a fling for the summer. Whatever your love life is looking like, Dr. Kutcher can help you out.

How do you know if someone is the one? What's the best way to tell a good friend of yours that you love them and want to start seeing each other romantically? If you're thinking about getting engaged, where is the best place to propose? Kutcher can even help you out with how to try and initiate "sexy time" with your spouse.

When you really think about it, Kutcher is the perfect person to help you out with your relationship, no matter what your current love life is looking like. He's starred in a ton of romantic comedies in his acting tenure. He's bound to have learned a thing or two about love. Not only that, he's been married, divorced, and remarried. He has plenty of real-life experience when it comes to love as well!

Ashton is currently married to fellow A-list celebrity, Mila Kunis, and they have been married since 2015. In my opinion, one of the best pieces of advice Kutcher gives in the video is directed at parents. How do you keep a relationship strong when both parents have long work hours and have kids? Who better to get help from than someone you know and trust? Someone who cares about Iowa and the people who live here. Check out the video as Dr. Kutcher has you covered.

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