If you're looking to celebrate your birthday in your birthday suit in the Hawkeye State, then I've found the only place you can do that...

...or at least out of the comfort of your own home.

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I was doing some searching online...PURELY FOR REASEARCH when I came across something from a few years ago. Some sort of social media post mentioning Iowa's ONLY Nudist Camp.

Of course, I had to investigate more about this campsite.

It's called L.V. Campground L.L.C. and is an "adult only resort" and most likely Iowa's only nudist camp.

Established in 2006, L.V. Campground is located on five acres of land in Coggon, just about a half hour away from Cedar Rapids and and just under an hour drive from Waterloo.

The camp is a very welcoming and open place, even trying to emphasize that in their mission statement.

"We believe in equality, so we kindly ask you to treat everyone with respect and dignity. In the same manor that you would wish to be respected.  Leaving any and all bigotry, ill feelings, prejudices, malcontent or loud outspokenness at the main gate."

Something else you should be leaving at the main gate is your clothes...

L.V. Campground is also LGBTQ+ friendly, with events geared towards gay men on certain nights, and "men only" activities.

This summer, the campsite looks like it will be getting busy with different planned events like a "Big Gay Campout" in August and a "Leather Kink Weekend" that is open to all.

Read more about the events going on here.

There are a plethora of amenities you can check out at the campground as well such as:

  • 11 full service campsites
  • 14 water & electric campsites
  • 4 "Lil' cabins"
  • 4 "Mid cabins"
  • 4 big cabins
  • Modern Shower House & Restroom
  • Full kitchen
  • The Barn
    • Inside of "The Barn" there is a 20ft projection screen, and both barn dances and karaoke are held here.
  • In Ground Swimming Pool
  • In Ground Storm Shelter

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