Valentine's Day is either an amazing, fun, wonderful, romantic holiday... or the worst, most awful, stupidest most made up to sell candy and cards holiday evvvver. Ammmm I right?

For those who enjoy it, they tend to buy indulgences and gifts like jewelry and flowers, and of course, candy. Maybe more so candy then anything else. Candy sales are expected to exceed $1.8 Billion this year. But what is Iowa's favorite candy for Valentine's Day? Well according to the good folks at it's...

M&M's! 🙌

Not bad, right? Remember for favorite Halloween candy we ended up loving candy corn the most. Oof. Interestingly enough, retailers do sell a variation of candy corn for V-Day called 'Cupid Corn'. But it is not a hit among Iowans. For M&M's this is big news, they become the top favorite candy in 3 other states that previously had a different favorite.

For our second favorite candy Iowan's went with conversation hearts top pick in Minnesota and Wisconsin). Third pick was the Ghirardelli chocolate gift box. THAT is a solid top 3, no?

For their date, used sales data from the past 11 Valentine's Day years.


See the full US map and other cool candy stats here.


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