Who doesn't know the old trick for a job interview, where the boss asks you your weaknesses, and you say, "I come in too early, I stay too late, I work too hard, and I care too much"!

Well here's the twist. It turns out those actually ARE weaknesses.

A new study found it's bad for your career if you work too hard. Earlier this month a study came out saying Iowans already skip taking vacations. So does that mean we're too dedicated? Working TOO hard? Or bad at our jobs?

The researchers found that when people were too intense at their job and they put in extra long hours, they wound up more stressed and more fatigued and their work really suffered. In other words, whatever you gain in your boss's eyes by working so hard is ruined by the fact that your results aren't that good. Um, anyone up for a three-day weekend?! 🙋‍♂️

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