Iowans, if you are planning on traveling this holiday season especially Thanksgiving, the TSA would like to remind you that you can bring a turkey on the plan but your mashed potatoes will have to be in a checked bag..... No, really.

I know some people have a potluck Thanksgiving where people bring different side dishes or a turkey to dinner and I know some people have to travel for these Thanksgiving plans. Well beware if you plan to travel via plane know that the TSA has strict rules as to what Thanksgiving meals and sides you can bring on.

According to the TSA, you can  carry on turkey, stuffing, pies, and casseroles but if you have things like gravy, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes, they have to be put into checked baggage. Why is this? Well, apparently they consider the first group of foods as solid foods and the second group as liquids which is why the separation. I mean I personally think they just think the "liquids" group is more messy and don't want to deal with a mess of cleaning up the plane if it spills.

So, if you are traveling with food be aware of these rules or maybe you can just pay off the attendants by sharing and having Thanksgiving on a plane? Not a bad idea!

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