Get ready my fellow Iowan's, we'll be enduring some of the coldest weather of the season over the next couple of days, with overnight lows in the teens below zero. That's cold, even if you're a polar bear! I guess we'll just deal with it and stay inside watching movies and sports all while we enjoy our favorite wintertime foods.

That being said, we're hearty folks here in Iowa, cold weather doesn't bother us. On most days, you can routinely see someone in flip-flops and/or a t-shirt and shorts. I think ya'll are crazy, but that's why we love ya. Anyway, we all "gotta do what we gotta do" to get through the next 2 months and make it to Spring. Anytime the sky is blue or you see even the faintest hint of sunshine, get outside and soak in some vitamin D. This essential vitamin boosts your immune system and your mood.

Another thing that's good at boosting our mood, is our favorite foods to eat when it's cold outside. So after a long day's work, shoveling, sledding, building a snowman, running, or whatever, there's nothing better than coming inside to a hot bowl of chili or your favorite soup. Or maybe you've had a roast or some beef stew slow cooking all day. I know, I'm making you hungry, so let's get to our list of "Iowan's Favorite Foods To Eat When It's Cold Outside". (scroll down)

Iowan's Favorite Foods To Eat When It's Cold

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