Every town has the charms, whether it is the people, the famous little diner or the nickname of the town. Outsiders may not know these nicknames which is what makes it so special to the locals but each town has one and I want to help out us "outsiders" feel like insiders.

I asked on our Facebook page to see if anyone had any "nicknames" for their towns in Iowa and was caught by surprise by A LOT of names!

All in all, they are some pretty unique names... although I also happened to notice that Iowans like simplicity when it comes to nicknames such as just using the first letter of the town for a nickname (I like simple, easier to remember!). Here is a list of Iowa town nicknames you should probably know so you don't stand out as a local!

  • Des Moines- "Dead Moines"
  • Waterloo- "The Loo" (You should really already know this if you live here)
  • Gladbrook- "Happy Creek"
  • Cedar Rapids- "City of 5 Smells"- (I think I will be avoiding here for awhile)
  • Clarksville- Clarkansas
  • Cedar Falls- "Sturgis Falls"- (Fun fact- this is what it used to be called!)
  • Quasqueton- "Quasky"
  • Denver- "The Mile Wide"
  • Charles City- "Chuck Town"
  • Fort Dodge- "Dirty Dodge"
  • Lamont- "LA"
  • Burlington- "B- Town"
  • Janesville- "Jville"
  • Tripoli- "T-town"
  • Independence- "Indy"
  • Parkersburg- "Pburg"

Did you know all of these? Are there any we missed?

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