Anyone who enjoys playing a musical instrument, enjoys music, or is a fan of history can appreciate what this Iowan just added to his collection. In the guitar world, this musical instrument can be considered the "holy grail" of guitars and it is also one of the rarest guitars on the planet. By rare, I mean there were three official builds for this guitar bearing this serial number.

Not only is the guitar itself an incredible find, but it also happens to be the first one of its kind ever made. At one point...even if it was for only a matter of hours or days, this was the only guitar like this in the entire world.

I started playing guitar around 11 years old and when you can learn a little bit of guitar history, it can be really inspiring to go home and practice. It's also amazing to learn the stories behind these historic instruments and the journeys they have all been on. This acoustic guitar has been down a long and windy road and I can only imagine the stories attached to this piece of music history.

Not only that, you are also very likely familiar with the Iowan who purchased it.

Emerald City Guitars via YouTube
Emerald City Guitars via YouTube

Jason Momoa Buys One Of The Rarest Guitars In The World

While Jason Momoa might've been born in Hawaii, he was raised in Norwalk, Iowa, and has since "made it" in the crazy world of Hollywood. He comes back to the Hawkeye State fairly regularly as he was just here reuniting with his girlfriend from 25 years ago.

In a recent YouTube video released by Emerald City Guitars, Jason Momoa is the official owner of the first Martin D-28 acoustic guitar that was ever made. While you may recognize Jason from his work on the big screen in movies and TV shows such as Aquaman and Game of Thrones, he is also a guitar player. By the sounds of it in the YouTube video, he's a pretty dang good one.

He has quite a guitar collection as he owns Gibson's last Murphy Lab "Greeny" Les Paul, a Fender Custom Shop replica of the great blues guitarist Buddy Guy's Fender Stratocaster, and he also owns a Custom Shop P-Bass, according to GuitarWorld.

1934 Martin D-28

According to Guitar World, in the month of February during the year of 1934, the guitar company called "Martin" built a prototype of the D-28 guitar. A week later, there was an order for three official builds. This model was the first 14-fret D-28, built during a point in acoustic guitar lore when guitar necks were getting longer, guitar bodies were getting bigger, and steel strings were becoming normalized. The model Jason Momoa just purchased was the very first one made, containing the serial number #55676.

Guitar manufacturers around the world keep track of how many of their guitars are made and in which order, just like any other "good" you would purchase. To be able to find, purchase, and play the first guitar out of a historic line...that's guitar player heaven.

For example; Martin guitars will contain a serial number and on the left-side column, this number is the year the guitar was made, according to The Music Zoo. The number/s following the year is the latest serial number used in that given year.

In this video, you can see Jason's initial reaction, learn a little more about the guitar's history, and most importantly...hear how incredible this instrument sounds 89 years later. According to GuitarWorld, this Martin has been through a handful of repairs, which include a new fretboard sometime between 1954 and 1957.

Emerald City Guitar owner Trevor Boone has been a friend of Jason's for 20+ years. He hand-delivered it to Jason and he considers this a holy grail guitar. He told GuitarWorld

Martin sent out three 1934 [models] during this first initial batch and this is the first one they sent. To me, it’s a holy grail guitar. It’s a true privilege to handle this, transact it, and now deliver it.



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