As a new, yet unique, school year is upon us we are patiently waiting to hear how the 2020-2021 school year will continue amidst the pandemic. While we don;t have many answers to these questions, we have found out that Iowa has ranked as the 5th state with the most equitable school district overall!

This is according to a new WalletHub study done which ranked Iowa as 5th overall for one of the states with the most equitable school districts. However the facts don't stop there... WalletHub also released its report for the Most and Least Equitable School Districts in Iowa. According to this report, these are the top 10 Most Equitable School districts in Iowa out of 333...

1. Odebolt Arthur Community School District

2. Adair-Casey Community School District

3. Manson-Northwest Webster Community School District

4. West Central School District

5. Woodbine Community School District

6. Monticello Community School District

7. North Fayette Community School District

8. Stratford Community School District

9. Janesville Consolidated School District

10. Waco Community School District

To compare these school districts and create this list, WalletHub scored the equitability of each school district based on average household income and expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools per student. Find out the full list, including where Waterloo and Cedar Falls school districts ended on this list here.

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