It's time to put on your tin foil hat! Did we just discover Iowa's greatest secret? There is no possible chance that this is an accident. There is nothing you or anyone can say that will convince me that we didn't just stumble onto something big.


I have this saying about the home improvement and retail company, Menards; "If you can't find it at Menards, you probably don't need it."

Do you remember McDonald's play-places? Menards kind of reminds me of a play-place for adults. You can get lost for hours wandering around a Menards looking at countless amounts of tile, paint, tools, garden equipment, patio furniture, etc. I've spent more time than I'd be willing to admit in Menards, looking for nothing and everything, at the same time.

Have You Ever Really Looked At The Des Moines Menards Locations?

According to JSOnline, Menards is owned by John Menard, who is the richest person in Wisconsin and the 33rd richest person on the Forbes list. We all know that it's the uber-rich people who control the world. Well, I'm curious if one of the wealthiest people in the world is trying to tell Iowans something. What does he know that we don't?

Can someone explain to me why the Menards locations in the Des Moines area are placed in these locations?

Google Maps
Google Maps

You might notice these locations and think "What's the big deal?" Do me a favor and look just a little bit closer...

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

THERE IS NO CHANCE THIS HAPPENED BY ACCIDENT. I'm surprised the Des Moines Menards stores don't have a 6.66%...rebate, instead of the normal 11%.This is something straight out of a Sherlock Holmes movie. I wonder if this map could potentially solve some great mystery or lead us to the answers to some fantastic conspiracy theories.

We might need someone like Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out for us.

I have no clue what we've stumbled upon here and maybe a city planner could help explain this to a simple-minded man like me but I refuse to believe this was an accident. The odds of this accidentally happening seem almost impossible. Once again...maybe a city planner could explain this to us.

I wonder if the center of the star is where they hide the nuclear codes or where Aliens hold their weekly meetings. Maybe the center of that star is where the moon landing was "really held." It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the center of this star is where Illuminati members meet to discuss their further plans for controlling the world. Don't be surprised if you see Jay Z and Beyonce around Des Moines' Menards locations soon.

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