Move over baseball because I might've found America's newest favorite pastime.

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I fell down a bit of an internet rabbit hole the other day after coming across a video from a past Iowa State Fair competition. The video has quickly gone viral on Tik Tok and has many non-Iowans losing their mind over the hilarity of this contest.

People from all across the country are asking the question, "What the heck is husband calling and how do I get involved?"

Honestly, I'm asking the same question.

The video is originally from 2017, but has gotten a whole new life on social media this week. You can check this out down below!

What Even Is Husband Calling?

Husband calling is an official competition held at the Iowa State Fair as a part of their “Rural Americana Olde Tyme Competitions.” This tradition goes back more than 30 years, according to reports.

It harkens back to the time before you could shoot your significant other a message asking when they'd be home for dinner. Over the years it's become a hilarious and time-honored tradition.

There are different sorts of "husband calls" that you could probably try. Some are higher in pitch, others are just plain loud, but all of them are funny to listen to.

This past summer, Dawn M Mennear of Des Moines ended up coming in 1st place, Virginia Stone of Waukee came in 2nd, and Dorothy Knox of Cedarfield and Cammie Pohl of Davenport tied for third place.

Mennear ended up trying something new at last year's contest. Instead of calling her husband, she was calling for a husband.

"Calling all single men between 40 and 60, I am looking for a husband...I am single, I work full-time, own my own house, I'm lonely. So somebody answer this damn personal. I want a husband now!"

In 2022, for the first time in competition history a man actually took to the stage. His name is Jason Clayworth, a journalist from Axios, and he ended upcoming in 6th place in the most recent competition.

To top it all off, there's even a Mom Calling contest at the state fair as well. Start 'em young, right? You can check that out down below!

The top winner of the "Husband Calling" competition receives a ribbon and $5.

Completely worth it, right?

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