Iowans know how to work hard and play hard. Whether it's gearing up for the harvest or bagging up groceries, the people in the Hawkeye State are not afraid to put in a hard day of work.

However, going to that job is a whole lot easier when you actually like where you work.

One popular Midwestern based grocery store chain was named one of the absolute best places to work in America according to its employees.

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For the past few decades, Fortune has been compiling a list of the best workplaces in retail. They partnered up with a website called Great Place To Work to find the...greatest places to work.

Unsplash - Marques Thomas
Unsplash - Marques Thomas

A few familiar names will pop out at you on this list, but maybe one of the most notable ones is one of Iowa's top grocery store chains; ALDI.

Based in Batavia, Illinois, ALDI has thirty-six store locations here in the Hawkeye State and over 5,600 stores scattered all across the globe. The retailer employs approximately 25,000 people, according to Forbes.

According to the survey conducted, employees are generally saying this about the company,

"I think ultimately, the leadership and employees at ALDI Inc. find the work we do incredibly rewarding. There is a great, collaborative culture here that allows teams to work together for a bigger cause."

ALDI came in at number fifteen on the list, with some pretty solid competition. Retailers that Iowans frequently check out like Target and Tractor Supply Company also broke through to the top twenty.

This list was compiled based off of qualitative and quantitative data from employee completed surveys. These workers were asked whether or not they feel respected as individuals, have fair pay, and are proud of their work.

Check out some of the other key factors that played into the survey here.

Here is the full list of businesses that made the list:

  1. Wegmans Food Markets
  2. Target Corporation
  3. Sheetz, Inc
  4. Altar'd State
  5. CarMax
  6. Publix Super Markets
  7. Trek Bicycle
  8. Custom Ink, LLC
  9. Harbor Freight Tools
  10. DriveTime
  11. Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
  12. Burlington Stores, Inc.
  13. Southeastern Grocers
  14. Nugget Market Inc.
  15. ALDI Inc.
  16. Tractor Supply Company
  17. Island Pacific Supermarket
  18. DICK's Sporting Goods
  19. Costello's Ace Hardware
  20. White Castle Mgmt Co

This list is for the larger retailers in the country. There is a separate category for small to medium sized retailers, and an Iowa based company actually made this list!

Based in Des Moines, Voss Distributing came in at number twelve on the list. According to this survey 94% of employees at the company say it is a great place to work.

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