It's that time of year again. the time we love to escape our homes for the great Iowa outdoors. With so many trails and water around to enjoy, it may be tuff to avoid one of natures great (not to mention dangerous) nuisances: wood ticks. Those thirsty lil' buggers can make your day miserable. And those for weeks to come for that matter.

I was curious what to do if one found its way into my path. Obviously, you first use a tweezers and safely get it off and away from your skin. But then what? Do you pound it with your first? Flush it down the toilet? BURN it? Yikes...

tick insect warning sign in forest

For answers, I actually saw some info from a DJ on one of our sister stations, Abbey. In her research she came across some do's and don't do's with ticks.

  • DO NOT smash 'em. If they're infected, you could get infected as a result.
  • DO NOT flush a tick. They don't drown. Oh, and they can venture back up and bite you in the butt. Um, literally.
  • DO suffocate 'em. This will work. You can use a plastic bag or even a jar and the tick will eventually croak. Just be sure your method of suffocation is sealed tightly...
  • DO submerge the tick in alcohol within a sealed bag or container. Like the last method, only quicker.
  • DO burn 'em. That kills them. Could kill you too. Burn them somewhere safe and, ideally outdoors.
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For more tips and tricks in dealing with ticks (THAT RHYMED!) visit the Mosquito Squad.

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