One of the things that 2020 brought us besides the COVID-19 pandemic were mask mandates. It might be frustrating to have to mask up every single time we go out, but it's become a normal part of our life now. We've been living this way for almost a year now. The CDC continues to urge everyone to wear a mask, especially on public transportation 

Iowa's policy has been less restrictive than other states in the country. Governor Kim Reynold's issued the state face-covering mandate in November of last year. Just last week, the Cedar Falls City Council voted to extend the city-wide mask mandate.

A bill is in the works to change the mask mandates for college students in Iowa. It just passed through the Iowa House on Tuesday, and this could mean some big changes for students and off-campus life.

This new bill would allow for more lenient mask wearing policies when individuals are off-campus. The current mandates for on-campus face-coverings will remain in place.

If this new policy were to become state law then universities would be forbidden from dispensing suspensions, expulsions, or other disciplinary actions against students for being somewhere off campus without a facial covering.

Several local colleges are requesting one alteration to this proposal, so that they can maintain authority on certain COVID prevention methods in regard to college athletes and university sponsored events.

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