When you become one of the most famous basketball players in the world it can be tough to try and navigate giving back to the fans. When everyone is screaming your name, and wants an autograph or a picture, you can't please everyone all of the time. Caitlin Clark is living that scenario right now. Before and after every game, fans try to get her attention to meet and talk to her. She can't always speak to every single fan but she would if she could.

Norah Clancy's Favorite Christmas Gift

After the Iowa Hawkeyes took down Loyola on Thursday, December 21, Caitlin was able to take some time to give a 10-year-old fan "the best" Christmas present she's ever received.

Norah Clancy spoke with KWQC and she told the news outlet that Caitlin Clark is her favorite athlete.

She’s just really cool and I think that it’s really cool how people appreciate her so much because she’s a woman because normally people appreciate boys more than girls and I think it’s really cool how she’s like really famous and stuff and she’s a girl and super inspiring.

Norah and her parents were only hoping to get a high five from Caitlin but after the game, Caitlin signed her game shoes and gave them to Norah.

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For now, Norah's parents have the shoes in their closet but once they can find a case to put them in, you better believe they're going right in Norah's room. Norah received Taylor Swift tickets last year for Christmas and the family wasn't sure if anything could top that gift. Well, Caitlin Clark just did. She told KWQC that Caitlin's gift might just beat the Taylor Swift Tickets.

It means a lot to me because I never could imagine that this was gonna happen and I think it’s just really awesome because it’s like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Caitlin can't give every kid in the audience a pair of shoes after every game. She can't even meet or give high fives to every kid after every game but she sure would if she could. Caitlin spoke about the gift and the fans who love to watch her play in her post-game press conference

I think it’s really cool and I wish I could make time for every single kid that’s standing there screaming my name, I really do, but I just don’t have time time obviously, we have meetings afterwards so it’s really cool I mean if I can make somebody’s year or month or second I really want to be able to try to do that even if it’s a couple autographs so hopefully she cherishes those shoes.

When you see the reaction on Norah's face after receiving the shoes from Caitlin...you can tell this will be a moment she remembers forever.

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