The Iowa women's basketball team has been all over the sports news for multiple reasons this week. Caitlin Clark got the wind knocked out of her by an Ohio State fan who stormed the court after the Buckeyes beat the Hawkeyes on Sunday, January 21st. That was also only the second loss of the season for the 5th-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes.

This team grows in popularity, what feels like, after every game they play, no matter the score. Whether they beat a team by 20+, get upset in a loss, or Caitlin Clark sets some new NCAA scoring record, this team always seems to be in the news. Another popular topic for the Hawkeyes this season has been whether Caitlin Clark would come back to play for another year.

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I found this old clip from Caitlin that just appeared on my social media timeline. She gives some insight on NIL deals and if she's really taking a pay cut when she enters the WNBA draft. This was from her appearance on the Dan Patrick show back in 2023 but if you've never seen this, it's interesting to hear her insight.

The discussion about NIL deals and losing money if she enters the WNBA discussion begins at the 6:35 mark.

Is This Bad News for Hawkeye Fans?

There has been a lot of talk among Hawkeye fans on whether Caitlin will stay or go by the end of the 2024 season. Whether you're reading Hawkeyefan's comments on social media or talking with a co-worker by the water cooler, somehow the idea that she would lose money by going to the WNBA is always talked about.

It might just be fans being hopeful with the idea that she makes millions playing college basketball, why would she leave? It turns out that many of us don't exactly know how NIL deals work. Dan Patrick has been a sportscaster/reporter for over 40 years and even he wondered if making the WNBA jump would affect Caitlin financially.

According to Caitlin's answer, it won't necessarily change anything. She can continue working with her sponsors and the companies that endorse her.

I think people don't understand NIL, it's still kind of a thing when you get into pro sports. You still have all those endorsements, you still have sponsorships. You're basically just a professional athlete with that on top of it. It's not something I would factor into my decision of staying or going too much.

The good news for Hawkeye fans who would love to see Caitlin return to the team next season is her decision, likely, won't come down to money. If she wants to run back another season with Iowa, she can and will continue to make bank next season.

The bad news is...her decision likely won't come down to money. She can continue to make plenty of it if she decides she wants to become a pro athlete. If she's ready to move on, the lure of "making more money in college" won't be the reason she stays.

The Hawkeye's next game is scheduled for New Year's Eve when the Hawkeyes take the court against Northwestern, at 7 p.m. It appears that money won't be a reason Caitlin stays to play another year or heads to the WNBA.

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Iowa's nunber two scorer of all-time, after just three seasons, Caitlin Clark continues to build on her already legendary career.

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