One of the only positive things that COVID brought us is the excuse to not use the bathrooms at bars. Most restrooms at these establishments are absolutely disgusting. I have never been more grossed out than when I would walk into the filthy ladies room that the bar had. I can't imagine what it's like in the men's room.

Well, the next time you go out to a bar there may only be ONE bathroom. At least this would be the case if a certain Iowa bill passed and became law.

Iowa lawmakers are actually considering how many bathrooms a restaurant that serves alcohol and bar actually need, and what ought to be the requirement.

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As it stands right now, these specific establishments are required to have both a women's and men's room. However, this new bill that passed through a House subcommittee would only require ONE bathroom.

That's right. ONE SINGLE BATHROOM. You thought the men's room reeked? Wait until you see what happens if everyone were to share ONE bathroom.

While I might be grossed out by this possibility, the politicians actually have a reason to push for this bill. Officials claim this is actually beneficial for some smaller bars and restaurants that have been set back because of the pandemic.

Iowa State Representative Cherielynn Westrich, claims this is all about protecting these smaller businesses.

“With our restaurants and bars during the Covid being adversely affected, we want to make sure we give them future protections to make sure this doesn’t start to happen in the future.”

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