Talk about instant karma.

A woman in Colombia recently got her head stuck in a gate. Now, I am sure all of us did this as children because we thought it would be cool to see if our head fit through the railings of a staircase.... or was that just me?.... Either way, we should all know by now as adults, not to stick our heads through bars or else we might wind up in an uncomfortable situation.

Well, apparently this woman in  La Virginia, Colombia, forgot about this when she decided she wanted to eavesdrop on her neighbors. Apparently, she could not hear them very well, so she stuck her head through their gate to listen a little better and ended up getting stuck!

Not only that, but it took the emergency crews 5 hours to set her free! Talk about an embarrassing moment. So what did she learn from this? Well, probably that she shouldn't eavesdrop on people, but honestly, who doesn't? I just learned that I shouldn't stick my head through a gate... although I probably should have known this already.

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