Okay I know I am the first to say to people you shouldn't put out your Christmas decorations until at least mid- November because I think any earlier is too early in the year. However in 2020, I think we all could use a little more cheer so I say the earlier the better... in fact, did you know that if you put your Christmas decorations out early you may actually be happier?

According to People, a psychologist has found/suggested that those people who put their Christmas decorations out earlier every year actually are happier. I feel like this comes as no surprise but for those of you who are inquisitive like me and are wondering why, here is the reason. The psychologist states that Christmas decorations actually associate with people's childhoods and the fond and fun memories of the holidays bringing actual happiness into your home. In fact,  according to a new study those who put up these decorations early can also seem friendlier to the neighborhood and more open for festivities.

What does this mean? Well all of you Christmas lovers out there whom have had their decorations up since mid October are apparently a lot happier people than the rest of us. I mean I totally get it, who doesn't want some Christmas cheer in their life? So thank you all for making our lives a little happier as well.

Happy (early, early, early, early, early.... is this enough?) Christmas! And may this year pass quickly because I don't know about you all but I am done with 2020.


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