This past weekend the National Football League announced Kurt Warner as a member of this year's Pro Football Hall of Fame class. Where did you think he celebrated the good news?

Burger King.

Brenda's Tweet read, “Kurt just sent me this text. Looking at bank statement & saw $90 BurgerKing charge night of HOF announcement??? Who celebrates HOF at BK!!!!!???? We are so out of our league.”

it was preceded by a string of hastags: #burgerking #whoppers #nfl #hof #iowafolk #7kids #myman. The one I found most enjoyable... #iowafolk. I give that a #LoL, but I do agree.

I don't see anything wrong with a major celebration over a little flame broiled goodness.

If you are still not convinced that a fast food joint is 'THEE' place for celebration, how about the couple that just took their engagement pictures at a San Antonio Whataburger?

Maybe it's not just #iowafolk that like to celebrate with a little fast food.

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