Last week I spent my vacation traveling all across the state, and I couldn't figure out why I was arriving at my destinations 15-20 minutes later than normal. Then it hit me.

During my time away, I spent my nine days off on a racing vacation. I hit seven races at five different Iowa race tracks. Each day's travel was a familiar trek. I've traveled along those same roads for years. I left each day at my usual time, but for some reason, I kept arriving 15-20 minutes that I normally would arrive.

While driving home in the dead of night, I kept noticing that my GPS had me arriving home 12 minutes later than I thought I'd get home, and sure of enough, it was spot on. I didn't have to deal with any traffic. I never say one construction zone, so why was it taking me longer to get to my destinations?

Then it hit me. I am just not in that big of a hurry anymore. Ten years ago, I'd burn up the roadways just so I could arrive at my destination as soon as possible. Those adventures were all about the event, and I couldn't wait to get there.

Nowadays, I take the time to enjoy the trip itself. I realized I was setting the cruise control about 5-7 miles per hour slower than I used to just so I could take in my surroundings while on the open road. I saw things I never noticed before, and I even made a few extra stops just to get a better look at things.

I guess the journey is just as important as the destination.

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