Iowans came out to vote in record breaking numbers.

In 2014, Iowans set the record for highest turnout to an election with 1,142,311 votes. For Tuesdays mid-term elections, in the 14 hours that polls were open and with preliminary voting, 61% of registered voters in Iowa voiced their opinions which is the highest ever. As of Wednesday morning, more than 1,300,000 votes had been tallied.

Secretary of State Paul Pate said in a press release, "I am very proud that so many Iowans across the state came out and made their voices heard in record numbers. They have once again proven that we are a leader in voter registration and participation." Pate was re-elected Tuesday night to his third term by getting 52.5 percent of the vote over Democrat Deidre DeJear.

Congratulations Iowans on turning out to the polls in record numbers. Whether your candidate won or lost, you did your part in the 2018 mid-term elections. You have made Iowa proud that you have chosen the leaders that you want to represent you. Break another record at the next election.

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