Burger King is helping us with social distancing. And I don't mean adding tons of onions to a sandwich and thus, forcing folks to stay 30-feet away if they don't wanna smell you. I mean, social distancing you from spending tons to eat.

With many of us on a budget, and others just excited for a good deal, Thrillist reports BK fans can score a free Whopper, with a one dollar purchase. Now, it's not quite that easy, but pretty close. You have to first download the Burger King app and, be a new app user to get the free Whopper offer. However, if you're a BK app alum, you can still score a free cheeseburger with any purchase, so don't worry about feeling left out.

The app has other offer too, so users are encouraged to check back regularly to see what's available. There's several Burger King locations scattered throughout the Cedar Valley. Enjoy! Don't forget to get the extra onions/social distance Whopper. Mmm, no friends...

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