She just keeps going.

I haven't been too bad with heights in my life but this video made me queezy. I've walked on the Royal Gorge, have been the top of the Willis Tower back when it was the Sears Tower (before the glass extension), and I've been in the St. Louis Arch and felt perfectly safe. But this video... she just keeps going up and up. Even with the rungs of the structure, there is nothing keeping this gal on this structure.

Of course there are some on the internet who believe this is a fake video, but others are coming to the video's defense and are believing that this is Angela Nikolau, a Russian daredevil who has quite the following on social media for her risky places to take selfies.

But fake or not... how much would you have to get paid to climb to the top of this structure? Free, $100, $10,000, $100,000 $1,000,000, MORE?

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