From local Iowa boy to Hollywood megastar, Ashton Kutcher will always hold a special place in Iowan's hearts. He always reminds people he's proud to be from Iowa, he loves his home state, and he's a fantastic reminder that no matter where you come from... if you have a dream, you can achieve it. Did you know Ashton originally had plans that involved him becoming a geneticist, instead of an A-list celebrity?

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Ashton sat down with Barstool Sports-KFC Radio Podcast and discussed his original plans after he graduated high school. Becoming an actor was always his big dream but he wasn't sure if that would ever be possible being from Iowa. When he was in school, he studied biochemical engineering. In this clip from the KFC Radio Podcast, he mentions wanting to do the responsible thing and become a geneticist.

Ashton has had many different acting roles in his career but his first big role was playing the loveable dufus, Michael Kelso, on "That 70s Show." This "goofy friend" role is a role he's pretty familiar with playing. He also portrays this type of character in the movie "Dude, Where's My Car? He also plays the loveable moron Colt, in the Netflix show, "The Ranch."

To think about him being, pretty much a genius, and portraying these goofball kinds of characters, makes me laugh for some reason. Knowing he's likely the smartest person in most rooms he walks into and then acting like the idiot friend in these shows, makes all of these characters that much funnier for some reason.

How did he originally land a role on That 70s Show? He has a random lady to thank. Without the lady he mentions, his life might look a lot different. It all started with the question "have you ever thought about becoming a model?" The rest is history. With $100 in his pocket, he heads to New York.


I've attached the entire interview 33-minute interview and with most things Barstool, there are R-rated moments.

Ashton Kutcher's Childhood Home in Homestead, Iowa

The well-known actor hails from Iowa. Ashton Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids and spent his formative years in Homestead. The later is where he helped his step-dad build this space nearly 30 years ago. In 2015, Ashton decided to give his mom the surprise of her life when he redid their basement space.

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