This has been an interesting season, to say the least, for the Hawkeye football team and their fans. At the beginning of the year, the offense looked lost at times while the defense and special teams played extremely well. With tough losses to Iowa State, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio State, things were looking pretty grim for the Hawkeyes, until the month of November came along.

Wyoming v Iowa
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The Hawkeyes continue to roll in the last month of the regular season. They've been historically good this time of the year and they continue to win games in November. 3 weeks in a row the Hawkeyes have found themselves in the W column and it's given the fans a reason to be excited for the end of the season.

This Saturday, they take on their Big 10 Rival, the Minnesota Golden Gophers, and look to improve to 7-4 on the year. This game will not only be historic because of a bronze pig, known as Floyd of Rosedale but it will also likely be one of the coldest college football games played at Huntington Bank Stadium (formerly TCF Bank Stadium).

According to USA Today, the coldest college football game played at the University of Minnesota was back in 2014, when the game time temperature was 15 degrees. At the time of writing, the predicted temperature for Saturday in Minneapolis is 16 degrees and according to Weather, the predicted temperature for the 3p.m kickoff is 15 degrees. By the game's end, it's likely the temperature is in the single digits. This will surely be one of the coldest college football games, if not the coldest college football game, ever played at the Gophers stadium. (Iowa's coldest game at Kinnick Stadium was November 23, 2013, against Michigan. The game time temperature was 18 degrees.)

The Hawkeyes are preparing for the cold weather and according to KCRG, had a little bit of fun at practice on Tuesday that involved snowballs. Sophomore Center, Logan Jones told KCRG,

I went up for a high five with Joe (Evans) and he threw a snowball at my stomach. So that one hurt for sure.

Defensive Lineman, Logan Lee, also added, you know what to expect when you play for a school like Iowa.

You get acclimated. I’d rather play in the snow than rain. It’s gonna be cold. You know what to expect when you commit to a school like this.

Knowing how both of these teams like to play, we can probably assume a low-scoring game and both teams are going to try to run the ball, but that's was November football is all about. The Hawkeyes look to keep their Big 10 Championship game aspirations alive, in what is sure to be a frigid Saturday in Minneapolis.

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