Johnny Marks and Tiffany Kay from Marks in the Morning recently took the "How Midwest Are You?" Buzzfeed quiz just to find out how Midwest they really are. Let's just say one of them excelled and one.... didn't.

Johnny Marks took the quiz and between fried fair food, outdoor activities such as swimming in lakes and Mall of America trips, Johnny Marks got 90% Midwesterner. Yeah he truly is from the Midwest. Tiffany Kay on the other hand is not.

Tiffany Kay (originally from Ohio which some say is not a midwest state) took the quiz as well and unfortunately only got 30% Midwesterner. Most of the activities or foods she had never even heard of and basically put herself and entire state to shame (sorry Ohioans). Let's just say we are considering kicking her out of Iowa....

So how Midwestern are you? Are you more of a Johnny Marks midwest or a Tiffany Kay? Find out for yourself by taking the quiz here:

Make sure to share your results with us!

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