It's no surprise that our spending habits have changed since the pandemic came on. I mean we have seen people spending more on cleaning supplies including clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, masks and yet we have also seen people spending more and hoarding things like paper towels and toilet paper (this one I just don't understand). However there are some even weirder products that people have been buying during this pandemic... have you bought any of these?

According to Huffington Post, since the coronavirus pandemic really picked up speed in March the sales of these 7 items have grown exponentially and quickly. No they are not cleaning supplies or essential items but rather luxury essentials you could say? Here are the 7 items that have increased in sales since the pandemic:

1. Roller Skates (wait, I didn't even know people did this anymore!)

2. RVs

3. Guns (how is this going to help during a pandemic?)

4. Yeast

5. Bidets (Not going to lie, I kind of want one of these)

6. Sweatpants

7. Scented Candles

Now some of these items make sense with being at home more but others I don't understand. What about you? Have you bought any of these items since the pandemic started?

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