If you are like me, you probably use Google Maps to help you travel EVERYWHERE. Okay, maybe you aren't as directionally challenged as me but you may still use Google Maps to travel, avoid traffic and get to your destinations safely, right? Well, Google Maps has just announced new COVID-19 safety features that have added to their app to help you avoid crowds and practice social distancing when travelling.

According to a press release update from Google Maps, new features they have added to the app will help those travelling during the pandemic to stay safe. One feature will help to get people safely to and from work or home by showing them the average passenger counts and greatest times of crowds on buses or trains. As time goes one, the app will also include driving alerts that show where there are COVID-19 road checkpoints and even share information about hospitals and testing sites with regards to COVID-19. Google Maps will also share alerts about what areas require face masks and the social distancing rules in different areas.

Not only will this keep people informed but will also allow them to stay safe and keep others safe while traveling for leisure or work. These features will be rolling out in the U.S., Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil and a few other countries as well to help with overseas travelling as it opens back up.


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