If you are of Irish descent or just like green beer and celebrating St. Patrick's Day and love watching movies, this may be for you!

A career resource company by the name of Zippia is offering one lucky person the opportunity to sit around and watch Irish movies all day on St. Patrick's Day and get paid for it! It's an Irishman's dream job!

Here's what you do... you will watch some of the best Irish movies which includes "My Left Foot," "The Crying Game," "Far and Away," etc. and then you write a 1,000 word summery about what you learned about the Irish culture from watching the 10 movies and you will get paid $1,000. This adventure should take around 17 hours but well compensated as not only will you get money but you will also receive; A corned beef and cabbage meal for 4, huge box of Lucky Charms cereal, McDonald's gift card and an entire U2 album of your choice.

Go to the link below to apply for the job and may the lick of the Irish be with you!

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