If you are a fan of blood, gore and all things scary and you don't get scared watching horror movies, this is the gig for you! Horror fans like me have been dreaming of the day for an excuse to have a 24-hour horror movie marathon (well, let's be honest we don't need an excuse) and now we have one!

CableTV.com is offering to pay one lucky horror fan $1,000 to have a 24-hour horror movie marathon! The best part? YOU get to pick which horror films to watch which means you can watch your favorites. There are no restrictions to what movies you can watch other than it MUST be considered horror. So movies that have a lot of gore or are psychological thrillers or even B-rated scary movies are up for grabs with this. Oh and the other thing? You have to live tweet the whole experience.

Now I know for most of us horror fans this is not even a job for us but a normal Saturday with a cherry on top of $1,000. This is not the only thing that you get though. You will also receive a $50 Starbucks gift card and Halloween candy! What more could you ask for?

If you consider yourself a creep expert this could be a way to get a little extra money this Halloween! You can go ahead and apply at CableTV.com. So grab the popcorn and a horror friend and get ready to get your scared on! I mean what better way to celebrate the Halloween season with this marathon!


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